Can you use norwex window cloth on tv?

Abdullah Boyer asked a question: Can you use norwex window cloth on tv?
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Norwex window cloth demo


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Video answer: Cleaning dirty, sticky computer monitors or tv screens with norwex

Cleaning dirty, sticky computer monitors or tv screens with norwex

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If you’re a die-hard fan of Norwex, only the optics cloth should be used on your television. It’s about triple the price of the e-cloth electronics cloth though. How to Clean your TV or Computer Screen with e-cloth. If the screen is just dusty: wipe the screen with the electronics e-cloth – This gentle cloth will clean off the dust and dirt

Can the Norwex Window Cloth be used to Clean Televisions? You could use the Norwex Window Cloth to clean your television, but if you have an anti-glare coating on your television, I wouldn't recommend it. I would personally recommend the Norwex Tech Cleaning Cloth or Optic Scarf for that job. I wouldn't want you to damage your television. As always, make sure to test anything in an inconspicuous place first to make sure you are using the right cloth for the right job.

But things all changed when I got my Norwex Window Cloth… I became a window wash-a-holic….it is so fast and easy (and yes, even fun) to get super clean, streak-free windows! I use this cloth for my windows, mirrors, flat screen computer and TV monitors, & microwave front.

With a Window Cloth by your side, you’re ready to clean all the windows and glass surfaces in your home to buffed perfection! All you need is water and a little elbow grease to have your Norwex Window Cloth functioning at maximum efficiency. You can also use the Norwex EnviroCloth to add an extra layer of sparkle to your cleaning process.

Norwex sells a special microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses and easily scratched surfaces, like screens (TVs and mobile devices). I’d use that cloth instead of a window cloth, just to be on the safe side.

Shine mirrors with a Window Cloth. Wash and shine windows with a Window Cloth. Shine your stainless steel refrigerator with a Window Cloth. Clean window screens with a damp Dusting Mitt. Clean wood stairs with a dry Dusting Mitt. Dust your vehicle’s dashboard with a dry Dusting Mitt. Dust your cold and hot air registers with a dry Dusting Mitt.

But, switching to Norwex can seem intimidating at first. I understand that they are a whole new ‘way’ of cleaning. Don’t worry – It doesn’t have to be intimidating! My daughter made you a quick tutorial video to teach you how to use your EnviroCloth and Window Cloth, so you don’t have to worry that you don’t know what to do with them.

And even the right cloth can slip around, making it challenging to use. SOLUTION The silky, tightly woven Tech Cleaning Cloth is just right for cleaning all sorts of high-tech screens, including plasma and LCD TVs, computers, mobile phones, e-readers, tablets and PDAs, as well as CDs, DVDs and other smooth surfaces, all without smudging or scratching.

Can you use Norwex cloths on TV screens? Do use a microfiber, like the Norwex Optic Scarf, or soft cotton cloth with just a little splash of water. Don't use glass cleaner or other solvents on the screens.

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Clean your car windows with only water & norwex!