Can you put a tv in front of a window?

Dashawn Pacocha asked a question: Can you put a tv in front of a window?
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If you’re a die-hard fan of Norwex, only the optics cloth should be used on your television. It’s about triple the price of the e-cloth electronics cloth though. How to Clean your TV or Computer Screen with e-cloth. If the screen is just dusty: wipe the screen with the electronics e-cloth – This gentle cloth will clean off the dust and dirt

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the TV is mounted on the ceiling in front of the window. image © When it is impossible to add a stand to place the TV in front of the window, you can always use a mount as a solution. If no wall space is available because of the positioning, the ceiling mount is still an excellent alternative to pick.

Try not to place your TV in front of or opposite a window, especially one that faces west. You want to cut down on the level of glare and the amount of light shining on the screen as much as possible. Whatever room you’re designing, it’s important to note the direction natural light will be coming in from when deciding where to put the TV.

I was wondering if it is cool or safe to put my TV in front of a window (back of TV up to window). I have a 65" TV in a relatively small room and I get a bit more space if I move my TV in front of the window. The room is in the back of the house, so no one can see the TV from outside. The window is facing north, so light will come in, but it is not direct sunlight. I live in Florida, so it gets hot out. I will have my PC and consoles hooked up.

When you put a plasma TV or any digital display in a window you will shorten its life span by a minimum of 50% and many time substantially more than that.

So my point is: (a) you might have a spot like that, or (b) if you want to go with the bay window location, consider putting it essentially on the floor in front of the window. You'll find looking slightly down at your TV, rather than slightly up, feels much better.

tv in front of window | like the TV in front the window. It creates a more intimate seating ...

You can still see and enjoy them and they anchor the corner, while being able to place a TV directly in front of you. ALSO, you can put them in front of windows so you also have the “fireplace, TV, view” problem (which is definitely a good problem to have). A hanging fireplace actually looks very cool in front of windows.

Ideally, I'd put the TV in front of the window (option #2) for the best arrangement, but if you have bright light from the window, it will make it harder to watch the TV unless you want the shade...

Avoid placing your TV in front of a window, or opposite a west-facing window. Glare or the difference in light from the windows and your screen can cause eye strain. The outfits they wear on Desperate Housewives cause enough eye strain all by themselves!

You can install a device called an "IR repeater" (pronounced "eye-are-repeater") under the TV screen for each item you need to run with a remote. The IR repeater is very tiny so you can mount a few of them under the TV screen to run multiple components.

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